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Niko & Co Meats 7

Niko & Co. is a family owned and operated USDA inspected facility. Using the best farm-raised and pastured pork, lamb, goat and poultry, we produce high quality fresh meat, bacon and sausage.

Like many people, we absolutely love to eat. However, in a fast food age where fillers, preservatives, and chemicals are in so much of the food we eat, we appreciate wholesome food from healthy animals raised in a happy environment. You do too. “Know your farmer, know your food” is  a national effort to strengthen local and regional food systems. Niko & Co wants to do our part by selling fresh meat locally and elsewhere.

All of the animals we process are raised on our farm or are hand picked from local farmers who raise their animals responsibly and humanely. We NEVER purchase from feed lots. Each animal is handled in a calm, gentle manner when it enters our facility to minimize the animal’s stress. We use only the finest ingredients to produce the best-tasting hand-made sausages you will ever eat!

USDA Inspected